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1. 1. Where are you located?
2. 2. What are your hours?
3. 3. How do I file a complaint an irresponsible pet owner or request animal service?
4. 4. What pets are available for adoption?
5. 5. What do I need to do if I have lost/found an animal?
6. 6. Can I surrender my pet for adoption?
7. 7. Can I surrender my pet to be put to sleep?
8. 8. A bobcat or coyote was spotted in my neighborhood, what should I do?
9. 9. What do I do if I am bitten by a dog or cat?
10. 10. I found an orphaned baby rabbit/bird/squirrel/other wildlife, what should I do?
11. 11. Can I get my dog or cat vaccinated at the shelter?
12. 12. Will you remove bees from my yard?
13. 13. Will you remove a snake from my home?