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1. Can I turn my water meter on or off?
2. Do I have any other responsibilities as a City water user?
3. Do I need to notify the City when I move?
4. How do I check for a water leak?
5. Is there fluoride in my water?
6. Who do I contact about problems with my sewer service?
7. What are Customer Service's office hours?
8. What are the cities responsibilities for water line repairs?
9. What are the towns responsibilities for sewer line problems?
10. What happens if my water is turned off for non-payment?
11. What if I did not receive my water bill in the mail?
12. What if I feel my water bill is to high due to a faulty meter?
13. What if I feel my water bill is to high?
14. What if I know I won't be able to pay my water bill on time?
15. What methods of payment do you accept?
16. What number do I call?
17. When is my water bill due?