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  1. Burn Permit Application
    Burn permit fee is $25. The permit is valid for one year from the date of issue. Permit is only valid for the property on which the burn is conducted.
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  4. Burn Site Information
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  6. Note
    The Denton County Fire Marshal's Office determines which days are burn days. Please contact their office at 940-349-2840 for controlled burn information and to log your burn.
  7. Instructions
    The following must be agreed upon by the Applicant below.
  8. 1. *
    The materials to be burned are trees, brush, grass, and other dry plant growth for land-clearing operations where no practical alternative to burning exists and the materials being burned are only from the property where it was generated from.
  9. 2. *
    The wind must carry the smoke, fumes, and debris away from any structure, residential, commercial, or industrial area, and away from any roadway, public, or private.
  10. 3. *
    Applicant must have a permanent water source available at all times during the burn.
  11. 4. *
    The burn must be attended at all times.
  12. 5. *
    Burn location must be downwind of or at least 300 feet away from any structure.
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    Burning may not be conducted earlier than one hour after sunrise and must be completely out one hour after sunset.
  14. 7.
    If any complaint received on a burn, the burn must be extinguished immediately. If the Fire Department has to extinguish the burn, the Applicant will be in violation and receive a citation.
  15. 8. *
    Call the Denton County Fire Marshal's Office at 940-349-2840 to log your controlled burn.
  16. Confirmation
    I have read the regulations and acknowledge that any violation could result in a citation being issued to the Applicant of the burn permit. I understand I am responsible for any damage, injuries, or death to persons or properties that occur from this burn.
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