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Electronic Marquee Message Application

  1. Instructions

    All fields are required. Only Priority Groups (Town departments, boards, commissions, and corporations, and public schools) and Preferred Groups (civic groups, religious organizations, non-profits, HOAs, and PTA) are allowed to display messages on the marquee signs. Preferred groups must submit $20 payment at time of application. Messages must be of interest to the general population of Little Elm or regarding an event open to the public. Applications must be submitted 2 weeks prior to the first anticipated display date.

  2. Enter what you would like the marquee to display.

  3. READ AND SIGN I hereby certify that by typing my name above that 1) I have read the Town of Little Elm “Electronic Marquee Sign Operating Policy” and agree to adhere to the policies. 2) I understand applications require approval from the Town Manager before a message is displayed and submission of an application does not constitute a guarantee the message will be displayed. 3.) I understand the Town makes no guarantees regarding the frequency a message will be displayed and messages may be preempted by Town alerts in the event of an emergency.

  4. TIPS FOR A SUCCESSFUL MESSAGE  Provide graphics you would like to use in vector, png or jpeg format (preferably vector/png).  Only graphics your organization has permissions to (copyright) will be permitted.  The shorter the message the better - who, what, when, where, why. Questions? Call 214-975-0456 or visit

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