Why doesn’t my neighborhood have “Children at Play” signs?

·       Warning signs are intended to alert drivers to unexpected or unusual conditions. The presence of children in a residential area is neither unusual nor unexpected, and so these signs provide no useful information to drivers and no clear direction as to how drivers should react.

·       There is no evidence to indicate that these signs actually reduce speeds or crash rates.

·       The use of unnecessary and ineffective warning signs breeds a general lack of respect for all traffic signs, potentially harming the effectiveness of critical signing.

·       The signs provide children and parents with a false sense of security which can actually lead to an increased risk, as they incorrectly imply that it is safe and acceptable to play in the street.

·       The use of these signs in some neighborhoods incorrectly implies that children are not present in other neighborhoods that do not have signs, and that motorists do not need to be alert for children in those areas.

·       The presence of signs in some areas encourages requests for those signs in other areas. To be fair, signs would need to be posted on nearly every block of every street, making them meaningless to drivers.

·       Federal and State standards do not permit the use of these non-standard signs on public roadways for the reasons described above.

·       Although "Children at Play" and similar signs are not permitted, the Town does install other warning signs when appropriate to alert divers to specific locations which might have unusually high concentrations of children near or crossing the roadway, such as schools and playgrounds.

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