Development Services


100 West Eldorado Pkwy.
Little Elm, TX 75068


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Atina, Charles Construction Inspector 214-975-0400  
Bannister, Bruce Chief Construction Inspector 214-975-0400  
Winter, Kirk Construction Inspector 214-975-0400  
Whitcomb, GISP, Suzanne GIS Manager 972-731-3271  
Timbs, Dustin Assistant Building Inspector 972-731-3283  
Gibbs, Fred Director of Development Services    
Robinson, Kevin Building Services Manager 214-975-0458  
Brandon, PE, CFM, Wesley Assistant Director of Development Services 214-975-0489  
Bloemker, Valeni Chief Plans Examiner 214-618-5254  
Abato, Nathan Community Integrity Manager 214-975-0453  
Brodowsky, Hayden Development Manager 214.975.0454  
Burr, Michelle Community Integrity Specialist 214-618-5334  
Solis, Jason Engineering Manager 972-377-5541  
Winger, Christa Community Integrity Specialist 214-618-6754  
Black, Amanda Management Analyst    
Chernomorets, Olga Planning Manager 214-975-0472  
Salvesen, Brian Planner 214-975-0444  

Building Inspection 

100 W. Eldorado Parkway
Little Elm, TX 75068

Little Elm, TX 75068