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Posted on: November 29, 2018

Recent Events Cause Concern for Residents Along the 380 Corridor

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There is no doubt that 380 can feel like the Wild West with its explosive growth, multiple municipalities, different jurisdictions in juxtaposition, and tons of cars full of people trying to get to their destination as quickly as possible. Even just the very small section of this busy highway that runs through Little Elm sees nearly 62,000 cars between FM 720 and FM 423 every single day.

We know that adding the potential for car accidents into this mix can make 380 frustrating and scary. These feelings are valid because the potential for an accident on 380 is very real; year-to-date figures collected by the Little Elm Police Department show that there have been 228 accidents, tragically of which three were fatalities.

There is no doubt that these conditions can make residents living along 380 worry about their safety and the safety of those they love as they travel the road each day on the way to work, school, or home.

We understand these feelings; we have them, too. We understand the fear and frustration, the anxiety, the apprehension, and all of the other emotions that living near or traveling along 380 can evoke. To help alleviate these fears, we are committed to working to improve conditions along 380 when and where we can.

Some of the efforts we have made include being a vocal and active participant, along with Denton County, in the push for TxDOT’s improvement project that will add grade separations, expansion of the roadway to six lanes in each direction, and to install a median divider.

This improvement project is currently only about 60 percent through the design phase and will take several years to complete, but we know that doesn't help to dissuade the fears surrounding 380 right now. So, in the meantime, we are working to improve public safety and increase police presence in the area today.

In addition to advocating for the improvement project, we have worked to increase police presence and traffic safety in the area. We have: 

  • Established a fourth police beat to add extra officers to patrol our portion of 380.
  • Dedicated a full-time traffic officer to patrol this area. Increased patrols have yielded 860 traffic citations and 1447 warnings issued so far this year, making 380 the highest traffic contact area for the LEPD.
  • Employed traffic calming methods and traffic control devices to slow down traffic and reduce the number of drivers who run red lights.
  • Committed future resources to improving public safety now by creating a fifth police beat to add additional coverage to the area.
  • Moved up plans to hire an additional traffic officer this year to increase patrols along 380.

In addition to increasing police presence, we have also worked to improve safety in other ways along our section of 380, we have also:

  • Added a new fire station in 2018.
  • Reduced emergency response times by nearly two minutes.
  • Continued investment in Fire service in the area, coupled with a strong Building Services Division, which has resulted in an improvement from a 10 ISO rating to a 1 ISO rating, saving Little Elm residents thousands of dollars on insurance premiums

We understand the concerns about 380, and we share them. We have made it our goal to commit our resources to making our portion of this roadway as safe as possible. While we continue to work to improve public safety in this area, we encourage other municipalities and agencies serving the 380 corridor to join us in improving safety and to make road improvements in a timely fashion.

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