Community Programs

The Little Elm Fire Department is dedicated to provide exceptional services to our community. One of our greatest services is getting involved with our citizens through education and outreach programs. Through these programs when are able to teach future firefighters the basics of the fire service, educate citizens on the fire department operations, and educate children on fire and life safety issues. Our programs include:

Citizens' Fire Academy

Typically beginning in February the CFA is an annual program that provides information and hands-on experiences that gives the participant an understanding of the ins-and-outs of fire department operations, and administrative and support functions. The CFA is open to residents and those who work in Little Elm.

“Clowns on Fire”

A cleaver name provided to our clown troupe who perform to educate the community on fire and life safety issues. Each year in October the Clowns perform at each one of the elementary schools within the LEFD response area to present information on how to remain safe at home, in school, at the beach, or while out playing outside.

Fire Explorers

The Fire Explorer Program is open to those young men and women from the 6th Grade to the age of 20 who are interested in learning more about a career in the fire service. This is an year-long and on-going program.

Open House 

One of our favorite events. The LEFD Open House is an annual event, held the first Saturday of every October to celebrate Fire Prevention Month. This is a free family event and is full of displays, activities, and information for the whole family.

Santa Around Town

A Community Favorite. Santa Around Town is an opportunity for the Fire Department to assist Santa Clause and the logistic operations of the North Pole. In the first part of December the Little Elm Fire Department gives Cris Kringle a ride along the residential streets of the Town. Specific routes for each neighborhood are provided to help the residence prepare for Santa’s drive through town and let the kids get a glimpse of the jolly ol’ man.