Development / Construction / Inspection

Contact the Little Elm Fire Department Fire Marshal at or by calling 214-975-0417.

The links on this page will provide you with necessary information to facilitate project development, permit application, and inspections for fire systems and fire department Certificate of Occupancy release.

Fire Code
This will provide you with the information as to the current code adopted by the Town of Little Elm, the local amendments to the current code, and the history of Fire Codes for the Town of Little Elm.

Contractor Information

Contractor Guide

The Little Elm Fire Marshal’s Developer and Contractor Guide is a document that covers the necessary information needed for the “beginning to end” of a project in an simple and easy-to-find format. Information, as it pertains to the fire code, can be found on commercial and residential site development, permit and local design requirements, site access requirements, inspection procedures, and more.

Permit Process

Inspection Request Process

Annual Inspections

Commercial Inspections

Learn more about the Fire Department’s Annual Inspection Program and what may help you maintain continued compliance with the fire code and facilitate a “pass” each year.

Electronic Reporting of System Inspections

Companies licensed by the State are required by code to provide documentation to the fire code official on all inspection required under the fire code. This page provides information and instruction on how this procedure works.


This page will have all of the necessary forms required by the fire department available for download.