Emergency Management

Take our storm shelter survey here. The Town of Little Elm Office of Emergency Management and the GIS Department are looking to collect residential storm shelter information to account for residents in emergencies. Participation in the survey is voluntary. Information will be shared with the Denton County 911 system.

The Town of Little Elm Emergency Management Department is tasked with coordinating the Town’s emergency management operations. Duties of the Emergency Management Department include the development of emergency plans, organizing disaster preparedness training, disseminating emergency management educations information to residents and conducting preparedness drills. 


The vision of the Town of Little Elm Emergency Management Department is to develop a collaborative framework for whole community emergency resiliency and to prepare for, recover from, and mitigate both natural and human-made hazards to reduce community vulnerability. By creating a community culture of preparedness and fostering partnerships with local public and private groups, commercial businesses, and neighborhoods, we believe that we can create a community culture and encourage neighbors to help their neighbors when a disaster strikes.
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Our mission is to reduce the loss of life, property, and damage to the environment if a disaster strikes. We strive to create a safer, less vulnerable community with the capacity to cope by providing a comprehensive and integrated emergency management system that coordinates the Town and community resources, and through prevention, preparedness, hazard mitigation, trained response teams, and coordinated recovery efforts.


  • Coordinate the activities of multiple Town departments responsible for continued operations during disasters.
  • Coordinate inter-local agreements for resource utilization.
  • Communicate with state and federal agencies.
  • Provide education and training for residents, businesses and local public and private organizations.
  • Operate a Town-wide community alert system, Little Elm Alert, designed to keep residents aware of disaster situations, emergencies, and important community news.

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