Mailbox Leveling Partnership Program

The program is a shared cost partnership between Little Elm residents and the Town of Little Elm formed by the use of an official request by the resident. Once approved by the Town, work is completed by a local contractor and the paid-in-full receipt for services is provided to the Town of Little Elm for inspection. The Town will share the cost of work to level the residents' mailbox at a rate of 50 percent expense to a maximum of $400 per single mailbox and $500 per double mailbox. The program is for mailboxes at a minimum of 5 percent off level. For more information, call 972-377-5556. 

Mailbox Leveling pic 1


  • Residents requesting mailbox leveling shall be the registered TOLE Water customer and occupying the residence.
  • There must be an approved application before the repair is made. Email completed application to Public Works
  • Anything less than 5 percent off the level will not be approved. You can also apply by emailing
  • A contractor will perform repairs.
  • Repairs made must be per Town specification.
  • Must provide proof of payment in full to the approved contractor, before and after photos of the mailbox being leveled, and a W-9 form along with reimbursement application. Email completed application to Public Works.
  • Whenever possible, the mailbox will be leveled without dismantling the mailbox and placed on the new foundation.
  • Contractors must always use due care to maintain the integrity of the repaired mailbox. However, there are occasions when once a mailbox is disturbed, leveled or lifted onto a foundation, the structure may come apart. In these cases, rebuilding the mailbox will be required, increasing the cost. In this case, the Town would pay the maximum payout for the single mailbox ($400) or the double mailbox ($500) only.
  • The resident is responsible for the continuation of mail during repair. For example, the resident may install a temporary mailbox while repairs are being made.