Annual Street Maintenance (ASM)

Woodlake Parkway

The next phase of the Hart's Branch Trail construction will begin on Wednesday, Dec. 26. This phase will include the installation of a crosswalk at Woodlake Parkway and will require the closure of Woodlake between Spruce Ct. and Willow Dr. During the project, traffic will be detoured to Pecan Dr., and access to the signal at Eldorado Parkway will be restricted to residents of Spruce Ct. only.

See the traffic control plan to illustrate the closures and detour routes. 

Below is the tentative work schedule for the project:

  • Wednesday, Dec. 26: Setup traffic control. Woodlake Parkway closes.
  • Thursday, Dec. 27: Saw-cut and prep crosswalk.
  • Friday, Dec 28: Prep and formwork for concrete.
  • Saturday, Dec. 29: Pour crosswalks and median. Concrete must cure for seven days.
  • Saturday, Jan. 5: Remove traffic control, and Woodlake Parkway reopens.

Soon after completing this section, the contractor will move to Pecan Dr. Construction plan and schedule for the second phase to follow. 

Wynfield Parkway

New sewer line construction for the Foot and Ankle Center will begin on Monday, Nov. 26 is underway. Traffic control will be established in the work area, but should not require lane closures or detours.

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ASM residential updates web page to view details on 2018 projects.

2018 ASM Annual Street Materials
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Blue Line

The Town of Little Elm Public Works has kicked off the 2018 Annual Street Maintenance (ASM) Program, which is funded in part by the ¼ cent street maintenance sales tax revenues which voters approved in 2005, 2009, 2013 and again in 2017 by a large majority. Most recent Council Agenda and Discussion can be found HERE (Item #13 Sec. I, pg 8) on our website. Little Elm residents had the opportunity to begin early voting Monday, April 24th, 2017. Saturday, May 6th was the final day to cast a ballot. The work to be performed varies depending on the type of street and need for maintenance and repairs. Residents of these streets will receive a door notice in advance of the construction to provide information about the project and special parking and driving instructions during construction.

The types of projects that will be performed during the ASM are; Crack sealing (gray on concrete and black on asphalt streets), curb repair/replacement, sidewalk repair/replacement, pavement repair/replacement, total rehabilitation of pavement, concrete lifting and injection, also this year we are rolling out a mail box leveling program. We have provided maps on the ASM page of the Town’s website to show where previous year’s projects and repairs have taken placed and where this year’s project will take place.  We have also provided the 2018 Annual Street Maintenance & Future Repairs Presentation which contains detailed maps of past, present and future street maintenance.

Funding the Annual Street Maintenance program is extremely important in maintaining an above average condition road system.  With the type of soil conditions that exist in Texas, our needs are raised. Poorly maintained roads constrain mobility which significantly raises vehicle operating costs, increase accident rates and their associated human and property costs in communities. Road improvements bring immediate and sometimes dramatic benefits to road users through improved access to hospitals, schools, and commercial areas; improve comfort, speed, and safety; and lower vehicle operating costs. For these benefits to be sustained, road improvements must be followed by a well-planned program of maintenance, which is why the Town of Little Elm Annual Street Maintenance Program is so very important.


Kevin C. Mattingly
Director of Public Works

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