Membership Fees & Sales


Little Elm Town limits determine residency for membership at The Rec at The Lakefront™. Those individuals living outside of Little Elm limits, but whose children attend Little Elm schools, are considered non-residents.

Proof of residency for all members must be shown at the time of registration and before receiving member photo I.D. 

Please note that as of January 1, 2021, all new memberships will be sold at the rates and rules listed below. Please note that these rates are only for use of The Rec at The Lakefront™. For information on the Combo Membership with The Cove at the Lakefront®, please visit You may also view pricing for the Combo membership below.


Note: Often, non-residents will have a Little Elm address even though they do not pay Little Elm taxes. 

CHECK TO SEE IF YOU ARE A RESIDENTDirections: In the Search field, fill out the street address section and press enter. On your property, click "Details". Scroll to "Taxing Jurisdiction" to determine your property tax entity. 

Membership Information Flyer

Membership Fee Payment

  • Credit cards, checks, and/or cash are accepted. Checks can be made payable to the Town of Little Elm or The Rec at The Lakefront™.
  • Memberships are transferable.
  • No pro-rate, holiday, or vacation freezes allowed for any reason.
  • No refunds without supervisor or coordinator approval.

Membership Types

  • Youth: A youth is defined as an individual 2-14 years old.
  • Adult: An adult is defined as an individual 15-49 years old or older.
  • Senior: A senior adult is defined as 50 years old or older.
  • Family: A family consists of up to six members living at the same address. Individuals must be able to show proof of permanent residency at that address. Immediate family members only, up to the age of 23. (Two adults, and up to four dependents under the age of 23)
  • Daily/Guest Pass: A daily pass gives an individual access to all self-directed aspects of the facility and all group exercise classes for the day available within their age limits.
  • Student Membership: This pass is designed for college students to attend The Rec at The Lakefront™ during the summer months. A valid college ID is required to purchase this pass. This pass is valid May 15-August 15 only. This pass is non-transferable to other pass types or people.

Click here to submit a membership application for The Rec at The Lakefront! Membership Application


Membership Monthly Annual
Youth $20 $145
Senior $20
Individual $25 $180
Family $50 $430


Membership Monthly Annual
Youth $25 $230
Senior $25 $230
Individual $30 $255
Family $70 $650

Daily / Guest

Membership Resident Non-Resident
Guest Pass $5 $7


Membership Age Resident/Non-Resident Valid
Student 18 - 22 Years
$55/$75 May 1 - Labor Day

Combo Membership Fees - The Rec at The Lakefront™ and The Cove at the Lakefront®

Membership Resident Non-Resident
Youth Monthly $25 $40
Senior Monthly $25 $40
Individual Monthly $35 $50
Family Monthly $75 $110
Youth Annual $275 $440
Senior Annual $275 $440
Individual Annual $385 $520
Family Annual $825 $1,200

Monthly Payment

Membership dues will be withdrawn directly from your credit/debit card, or your bank account each month with an electronic funds transfer (EFT). Payment is due at the time of purchase. Please note that there is a $10 administrative fee for draft rejections that are 10 days past due.

Prepaid Annual Membership

Annual memberships are paid in full at the time of purchase. These memberships are not automatically renewed at the end of the term.

Cancelled Memberships

The Membership Cancellation Form must be completed seven days prior to expiration date of current memberships. Once the form is submitted, it is reviewed by The Rec at The Lakefront™ staff. For additional questions on cancelling a membership contact 972-731-3277.

Additional Information

For questions or more information, contact 972-731-3277 or via email.