Community Integrity


 Who We Are

The purpose of the Community Integrity Department is to protect and enhance the quality of life for the residents, business owners, visitors, and other stakeholders of the Town of Little Elm. We do this through the enforcement of property maintenance and zoning ordinances. These local laws and regulations, adopted by the Little Elm Town Council, protect public health, safety, and welfare and serve as community standards. 
 Compliance with these standards helps to:

  • reduce vandalism
  • deter crime
  • maintain property values
  • prevent deterioration of neighborhoods

These codes benefit everyone by making our town a better place to live, work, and play.

Potential violations are discovered through systematic, proactive inspections, citizen complaints, and referrals from other agencies or departments. Once a violation is identified, the responsible party is issued a notice providing reasonable time to correct the issue. Periodic follow-up inspections may be conducted to determine if compliance has been met. If compliance has not been achieved, additional time may be provided depending on the circumstances and severity of the violation.

A great deal of emphasis is placed on obtaining voluntary compliance. However, a citation may be issued if a responsible party fails or refuses to comply with town codes voluntarily. The citation may be civil or criminal, depending on the circumstances. 

Thank you for doing your part in helping make Little Elm a great place to live, work, and play!

Getting Involved

We encourage resident involvement to help us identify and report possible code violations. Together we can eliminate conditions contributing to blight and deterioration and have a cleaner, safer, and more desirable place to live.

If you have a concern or would like us to look at a suspected code violation, you may use:



Community Integrity is dedicated to:
  • Being accessible and responsive to citizen complaints and inquiries regarding health, development, sign, and other code issues
  • Providing professional, courteous, and informative customer service to Little Elm residents, businesses, and visitors
  • Protecting property values; ensuring a safe, clean and healthy environment for Little Elm residents and businesses; enhancing Little Elm's reputation and image by maintaining and increasing the sustainability of the community, enforcing property standards, and preventing community standards, and preventing community decline.