Community Integrity

The Community Integrity division performs routine consumer health inspections, enforces development codes, coordinates the rental registration program and annual registrations, manages the operations of animal services and the animal shelter, and administers the inspection, improvement, and rehabilitation of environmental hazards on public and private premises. Community Integrity protects property values and the public safety, ensures neighborhood integrity, and enhances Little Elm’s image. 


Community Integrity is dedicated to:
  • Being accessible and responsive to citizen complaints and inquiries regarding health, development, sign, and other code issues
  • Providing professional, courteous, and informative customer service to Little Elm residents, businesses, and visitors
  • Protecting property values; ensuring a safe, clean and healthy environment for Little Elm residents and businesses; enhancing Little Elm's reputation and image by maintaining and increasing the sustainability of the community, enforcing property standards, and preventing community standards, and preventing community decline.