Digital Marquee Monument Signs

The Town of Little Elm has digital marquee signs at three locations throughout the community. The signs are a part of the Eldorado Streetscape Capital Improvement Project and are intended to enhance the quality of life through increased communication to the public about programs, events, and activities occurring in Little Elm. 

The Town is excited about this platform as it is a way provide convenient access to relevant town-related information. As a result, the Little Elm Town Council adopted an operating policy that allows the marquees to display messages from a number of organizations within the Town. The policy established the priority use of the marquees, the type of messages that can be displayed, and the procedures to have a message displayed through the Town of Little Elm.

Applications to display a message on the marquees should be submitted at least two weeks before the message’s anticipated running. Messages displayed on the marquees should be of interest to the general population of the Little Elm community or an event open to the entire community.

Marquee Best Practices

  1. Read the Marquee Operating Policy. 
  2. Submit your marquee requests at least seven days before your event. If you're a Little Elm Chamber of Commerce Member, please submit your request at least 14 days before your event. 
  3. Complete your application in its entirety. This will expedite the approval process. 
  4. Questions? Email Marquee Monuments.


Marquee 5
Prohibited content includes commercial advertising, political campaigning, religious programming, alcohol/vice related content, and any material deemed offensive or inappropriate by the town. Additional information on the monument signs is available by emailing or by calling the Marketing Department at