Stormwater Utilities

Ordinance Adoption

On November 1, 2011 Town Council adopted Ordinance #1087, implementing the Stormwater Management Program. Beginning in January 2012, Little Elm utility bills will include a drainage fee associated with the program. The purpose of the fee is to provide more effective stormwater management throughout Little Elm. It will also help protect Lake Lewisville, the community, private property, and the environment from stormwater problems such as pollution, damage to aquatic habitat, creek erosion, and flooding.

Stormwater Utility Services

  • Gutter, inlet, and creek debris cleanouts
  • Infrastructure improvements to mitigate flooding and erosion
  • Other drainage and water quality oriented services
  • Street sweeping
  • Water quality protection

How the Rate is Calculated

Each property’s contribution to the storm collection system is estimated by determining the amount of its impervious area (rooftops, parking lots, and other hard surfaces).
  • Commercial properties (apartments, mobile home parks, businesses, etc.) pay $3.35 per month per equivalent residential unit (ERU) of impervious area on the property. For example, a commercial property with 10 times more hard surface than the average residential property would pay $33.50 per month. The town plans to exempt schools, churches, county, and town properties.
  • Residential properties pay a flat rate of $3.35 per month. This rate was developed by measuring the average impervious area for a representative sample of residential properties in Little Elm.


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