Off-Duty Jobs


The Town of Little Elm and the Little Elm Police Department is pleased to offer opportunities to its police officers for off-duty assignments. However, the department must ensure that you and/or your business will agree to certain conditions before it will allow the placement of off duty officers. These conditions are as follows:
  • Members of the Little Elm Police Department are prohibited from accepting off duty assignments wherein the actual or potential use of law enforcement powers or other public safety related authority is anticipated unless such assignments are scheduled through the Little Elm Police Department
  • Any arrangements made with any individual officer will not be honored
  • Off duty rate for general security is $40 an hour, per officer
  • Off duty rate for Traffic Direction/ Control is $45 an hour, per officer
  • Off duty rate for short notice less than 72 hours notice is $50 an hour, per officer
  • Officers are guaranteed a four hour minimum at the required rate based on assignment
  • If the event requires five or more officers, one of the five officers must be a supervisor and the rate of pay is $5 additional an hour for the supervisor
  • Checks are to be made payable to the individual officer(s)
  • Failure to cancel the job / event at least two hours prior to the event will result in the requesting organization being charged the officer’s four hour minimum off duty rate.
The Little Elm Police Department believes that compliance with these conditions is necessary not only for the benefit of its officers, but also for the benefit of the public as a whole.


To request an 'Off Duty Officer', please call our main office: (972) 377-1885, or send an email to: