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The annual chlorine maintenance began 02/26/2018 at 8:00 a.m. at the Wylie, Tawakoni, and Bonham WTPs and will continue for the next 28 days.  CLICK HERE to download, print and read further details regarding Chlorine Maintenance FAQ from the March 15th Press Release by NTMWD.

Residents may experience a stronger odor or taste of chlorine to the water supply; however, the water remains safe for use and consumption.

On the NTMWD website is a Chlorine Maintenance Fact Sheet at the following link: FACT SHEET: North Texas Municipal Water District

Additionally, the Town issued its own press release last week to prepare residents for the changes. CLICK HERE to download, print and read further details.  


*CCR data is reported for testing performed in the previous year.  The 2017 CCR Report is available above is the most current report.  It is available in PDF format or for online review and has been posted per state and federal guidelines by July 1, 2018.

Cloudy or Spotty Dishes?

Minerals dissolved in water may leave deposits behind after water is heated and evaporated. Hard water build-up can make bath / shower tiles and glass appear cloudy and spotty or leave a cloudy residue on glassware. In addition, some may see a white, cloudy film on the elements within their dishwasher.

Read additional information on Water Hardness and reports on hardness of our water.

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