Public Safety

Our Public Safety Department comprises the Little Elm Police Department, Little Elm Fire Department, and the Office of Emergency Management.

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The Little Elm Police Department is dedicated to providing quality police services to the residents of Little Elm. Officers are committed to creating a safe environment for people in the community through proactive enforcement of laws and ordinances and working with residents and businesses to prevent crime. The department aims to serve, protect, and maintain a high quality of life in the community.

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The Little Elm Fire Department is dedicated to protecting the lives and property of our residents. They strive to provide high-quality, efficient, cost-effective fire suppression, rescue, emergency medical services, and hazardous materials response to the community. In addition to responding to calls for service, they also provide public education on fire safety and prevention and inspect local businesses for code compliance.

The Office of Emergency Management is responsible for coordinating and directing the activities of Little Elm’s public safety departments in the event of an emergency. They are tasked with developing plans to prevent, respond to, and recover from disasters, both natural and manmade. In addition to their operational roles, they provide valuable public education resources about preparedness measures and how to stay safe during any emergency.

The Public Safety Departments of Little Elm work together to ensure the safety and security of our community. We are proud to have these dedicated professionals working hard to keep us safe and secure.