Milestone Program: Get Rec'd!

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We see you every day. Why not be rewarded for it? 

Sign up for our new Milestone Program to track your workouts and get connected with your fitness community. Each time you visit, you earn one check-in. After every 25 check-ins, you earn a prize. Choose your track to get started!

Rec GroupX

Work your way up to 50 class visits and earn prizes. Click here to register. After registration, stop by the front desk to receive your Milestone code. The code will be affixed to the back of your membership card. Show your Milestone code to the front desk staff each time you check in for a GroupX class!

Rec It Challenge

Work your way up to 100 visits and earn prizes. Click here to register. Scan your membership card like usual each time you check in for a workout!


Do I need a membership to register?

Yes, a current membership at the Little Elm Recreation Center is required for participation. Complete the Membership Agreement online or in person.

I'm trying to sign up but I don't know my login information. How do I register?
If you are unsure of the username and password linked to your membership account, please select "Forgot Password." Any further questions can be sent to A staff member can reset your login credentials. 

What are the prizes?
After every 25 check-ins, you will receive a fitness-related prize. Reach 50 GroupX check-ins or 100 fitness check-ins to receive a Rec'd It t-shirt or tank top!

How will I know how many check-ins I have?
Every month, you will receive an email with an updated number of check-ins. When you hit a Milestone, you will be notified via email and your prize will be available at the front desk. Show your membership card when you come to claim your prize!

Can I sign up for both tracks?
Yes! Register for one or both programs. We want to celebrate your fitness milestones as frequently as possible!

For more information, please send an email to