Short Term Rental Registration

Beginning May 5, 2020, all short-term rental operators will be required to register with the Town of Little Elm.

What is a Short-Term Rental (STR)?

Any residential property or portion of a property that rented out on a short-term basis – for a period of fewer than 30 days – is considered a short-term rental. Short-term rentals include homes that listed for rent on Airbnb, VRBO Vacation Rentals, HomeAway, and similar websites.


At its May 5, 2020 meeting, the Little Elm Town Council amended the Town of Little Elm’s Code of Ordinances to establish regulations for short-term rentals. The ordinance requires property owners offering short-term rentals to register with the Town and follow specific standards. You can view the short-term rental ordinance here.

Registration costs $200.00 (late registration fee is $400), It will be valid for one year and require the host to meet specific minimum standards and restrictions as outlined in the ordinance.

Along with registering for the STR, the ordinance also states that short-term rentals are required to pay a hotel occupancy tax every month. You can find additional information and instructions on paying hotel occupancy tax here.

This ordinance does not prohibit short-term rentals, but it does allow the Town to monitor short-term rental properties and set specific standards to protect the integrity of Little Elm’s neighborhoods and the community’s safety.

Reporting an Short-Term Rental Complaint

If you have any questions or would like to report any issues or violations during regular business hours, please email Community Integrity, or you may go to the Citizen Request Portal and create a request for a service ticket. If you need immediate assistance concerning a short-term rental property after hours, please contact the Town of Little Elm non-emergency number at 214-975-0460.


Complete your Short Term Rental and Tax Payment Form. For more information, contact Development Services Permits Division or 214-975-0456.

Supporting Documents

Short Term Rental Ordinance 1547
Short Term Rental Application
Short Term Rental Brochure
Short Term Rental Hotel Tax Link
Hotel Occupancy Tax Form

Do you have a concern about short-term rental? Send us a message through our Short-Term Rental Portal.