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Letters Seeking Collaboration with TxDOT Regarding Increasing Student Safety and Braswell High School Concerning US 380

Letter from Little Elm Police Chief Rodney Harrison to Dr. Russell from Denton ISD.

Letter from LEPD Chief Harrison to TxDOT Area Engineer Chris Rocha. 

Letter from LEPD Chief Harrison to Dr. Wilson from Denton ISD. 

Letter from LEPD Chief Harrison to the TxDOT Dallas District Office

Public Hearing Presentation FM 1385 from May 8, 2023.
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Strategic Plan Updates for U.S. 380 

The Town’s Strategic Plan outlines the objective of providing equitable service to stakeholders along U.S. 380. Since the original Strategic Plan was adopted in 2013, the Town has made significant progress toward this goal. Fire services have increased with the opening of Fire Station 3 and regional partnerships with Prosper and Aubrey Fire Departments. Police services have also improved by adding police beats and substations along the U.S. 380 corridor and police services for the Paloma Creek HOA. The Town also plays an active role with regional agencies such as TxDOT to ensure traffic improvement projects along U.S. 380 are moving forward. For further information, please see our Comprehensive Strategic Plan Update.

The Town of Little Elm is committed to increasing public safety along the stretch of the U.S. 380 Corridor in Little Elm for residents, stakeholders and commuters. The strides taken to improve safety for those who live and travel through the region include: 
  • Worked with TxDOT to add a traffic signal at Magnolia Boulevard and U.S. 380
  • Added additional traffic control devices, such as right-turn-only signs when turning out of retail developments and no U-turn signs
  • Increased the number of officers in the Northern beat of the Town
  • Strengthened relationships with surrounding departments that share in U.S. 380 traffic enforcement
  • Continued the Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) inspection enforcement to ensure commercial motor vehicles are in compliance with State and Federal laws regarding the operation of CMVs
  • Participated in TxDOT DWI enforcement program (STEP)

January 18, 2022 Update to the Little Elm Town Council 
February 1, 2022 Update to the Little Elm Town Council

Little Elm Town Limits Map

Feasibility Study & Construction Updates

U.S. 380 Feasibility Study – Updated Virtual Public Meeting Information


FM 2931 and FM 1385 Expansion

·       The FM 2931 Expansion project has been put on hold according to TxDOT due to budget changes. The acquisition of right-of-way is scheduled to continue until the project can be restarted.

·       TxDOT has scheduled the installation of a traffic signal at the intersection of FM 1385 and Fishtrap Road. The signal is planned to be operational by Summer 2021. See FM 1385 proposed realignment plans here and schematic here


U.S. 380 Construction Update

·       The project to expand U.S. 380 to a six-lane divided roadway with grade separations at specific intersections is currently at the 95% design phase.

·       TxDOT anticipates letting the project and starting construction in late Summer 2021.

·       Important Update: TxDOT has committed to installing continuous illumination along the corridor. This will greatly improve the safety along U.S. 380.

Construction and Improvement Updates:

See below for updates from TxDot regarding requested safety improvements. 

Little Elm Police Chief Rodney Harrison Expresses Concerns to TxDOT in letter below. Read TxDOT's response

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Little Elm Is Hands-Free:


Who is responsible for U.S. 380?

U.S. Route 380  is a state highway and is under the control of the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). Although controlled by the state, the portion of the road that is between FM 720/Oak Grove Parkway and Doe Creek is within the Little Elm Town limits. TxDOT controls the speed limit, signal light placement and timing, and construction projects; however, the Town of Little Elm provides law enforcement and traffic control along with the Denton County Sherriff’s Office and the Department of Public Safety.

Who sets the speed limit along U.S. 380?

TxDOT sets the speed limit for U.S. 380; however, the speed limit is enforced by the Town of Little Elm in conjunction with the Denton County Sherriff’s Office and the Department of Public Safety.

Who controls the traffic signals and signal placement along U.S. 380? 

TxDOT also manages the timing of signals and placement of traffic signal along U.S. 380.

Who is responsible for the construction and maintenance of the roadway?

TxDOT manages the design, development, construction, and maintenance of U.S. 380. 

Is U.S. 380 hands-free?

The portion of U.S. 380 that runs through Little Elm, as well as the entire Town of Little Elm, is hands-free. Remember, when in Town, put it down! 

Will the Town annex the unincorporated areas along U.S. 380 of Paloma Creek? 

Currently, there is no plan for the Town of Little Elm to annex unincorporated parts of Paloma Creek. 

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