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Little Elm Police Chief Rodney Harrison Expresses Concerns to TxDOT in letter below. Read the response from TxDOT here

380 News & Updates

The purpose of this page is to provide updates regarding U.S. 380; construction, safety, meetings, and statistics. The information on this page is updated regularly, so check back often.

As of 4/18:

We have received an update from TxDOT through State Representative Jared Patterson's office regarding requests from the Town of Little Elm to improve US 380. Our requests included the following items to improve safety and quality of living along the Little Elm portion of the roadway:

•    Use the results from the access study commissioned by the Town to identify alternative traffic management solutions;

•    Add temporary safety features to the two-way left turn lanes including, but not limited to, barrels, rumble strips, or curbing;

•    Conduct a speed study to identify options for lowering the speed limit,

•    Conduct a signal study, specifically looking at the intersections at Magnolia Boulevard and Gardenia Boulevard;

•    Participate in the funding for the Town to conduct a corridor study for off-system improvements;

•    Restripe the pavement markings, and

•    Allow the Town to add signage that marks Little Elm’s portion of 380 as a hands-free device enforcement zone. 

The updates provided by TxDOT are listed below:

•            The signs on US 380 were replaced in 2016 along the corridor.

•            We conducted a speed study on US 380, but the current posted speeds did not change.

•            The Maintenance Project to restripe US 380 is scheduled to let in November 2019. This is a project we are going to try to accelerate if possible.  

•            We have determined that the intersection at FM 1385 and US 380 warrants a dual left going south on FM 1385 to Eastbound US 380.  We are ordering the signs to make this change.  

•            The TxDOT Denton AO will email scheduled lane closures to the Little Elm Police department.

•            The signal at Magnolia has been warranted and TxDOT will begin design.  The signal is scheduled to be installed late Summer 2020.

•            The US 380 Construction project from SL 288 to West of CR 26 (Collin County Line) (CSJ: 0135-10-050, 0135-10-057) to widen the existing 4-lane undivided section to a 6-lane divided highway with a raised median and five grade separated intersections is currently in the right of way acquisition and utility coordination phase. This project is scheduled to let May 2021. (http://www.keepitmovingdallas.com/projects/us-highways/us-380-from-loop-288-to-west-of-cr-26) 

•            The Public Open House for the Feasibility Study of the US 380 corridor between Denton and McKinney was held in January. (http://www.keepitmovingdallas.com/projects/us-highways/us-380-denton-county-feasibility-study) 

Additional Safety Measures

On Jan. 3, 2019, the Town of Little Elm requested additional measures from TxDOT to increase safety along the U.S. 380 corridor between FM 720 and FM 423 in Little Elm. The requests are outlined below: 

Construction and Improvement Updates:

See below for updates from TxDot regarding requested safety improvements. 

Upcoming Meetings:


Little Elm Is Hands-Free:

U.S. 380 Traffic Statistics (YTD):

  • Number of traffic stops as of 2/8/19: 467
  • Number of citations issued as of 2/8/19: 184
  • Number of warnings issues as of 2/8/19: 283
  • Red light camera citations as of 2/8/19: 377
  • U.S. 380 account for 44 percent of accidents in the Town of Little Elm 


Who is responsible for 380?

US 380 is a state highway and is under the control of the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT).  Although controlled by the state, the portion of the road that is between FM 720/Oak Grove Parkway and Doe Creek is within the Little Elm Town limits. TxDOT controls the speed limit, signal light placement and timing, and construction projects; however, the Town of Little Elm provides law enforcement and traffic control along with the Denton County Sherriff's Office and the Department of Public Safety.

Who sets the speed limit along 380?

TxDOT sets the speed limit for 380; however, the speed limit is enforced by the Town of Little Elm in conjunction with the Denton County Sherriff's Office and the Department of Public Safety.

Who controls the traffic signals and signal placement along 380?

TxDOT also manages the timing of signals and placement of traffic signal along 380.

Who is responsible for the construction and maintenance of the roadway?

TxDOT manages the design, development, construction, and maintenance of 380.

Is 380 hands free?

The portion of 380 that runs through Little Elm, as well as the entire Town of Little Elm, is hands-free. Remember, when in Town, put it down! Click here to watch our Hands Free When Driving video.

Will the Town annex the unincorporated areas along 380 of Paloma Creek? 

Currently, there is no plan for the Town of Little Elm to annex unincorporated parts of Paloma Creek. To view the current map of Town of Little Elm incorporated areas along 380, click here.

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