Disposition Options

There are various ways to dispose of your citation:

There are various ways to handle a citation. Please be aware that paying a citation in full without requesting a Driver Safety Course or Deferred Disposition will result in a conviction which could affect your driver's license. Failure to answer a citation could result in a warrant being issued for your arrest.

The most common disposition options are:
  • Pay the Citation in Full
  • Driver Safety Course
  • Deferred Disposition
  • Contest the Citation
  • Compliance Dismissal
Only you, or an Attorney representing you, may enter a plea on your case.

Red Light Camera Violations

Red Light Camera Violations are not handled by the Little Elm Municipal Court. These violations are civil in nature and do not result in warrants being issued for your arrest. They can however prevent you from renewing the registration on your vehicle if the citation is not paid. Little Elm Municipal Court does not facilitate the disposition of these violations.

For more information go to www.violationinfo.com or call 866-790-4111