2019 Annual Street Maintenance

The Public Works Department is beginning the process for determining the 2019 Annual Street Maintenance program needs. It is expected for the multiple projects to begin in late Spring.  *weather permitting 

To learn more about the ASM, how it's funded, and previous ASM, please visit this web page

This road maintenance is weather permitting, and we will keep the HOA and residents updated if any change is needed.

Blue Line

2018 Projects - Updated Jan 24, 2019

Concrete Panel Replacement 

Approximately November 16 - 21 *weather permitting

  • Woodlake Parkway between FM 423 and Canyon Lake Drive. The project will begin Friday, Nov. 16 and is estimated to be finished by Nov. 21. Prior to work beginning, Public Works will set message boards with advisory notice of road repair to inform residents and drivers. Approximately 3:30 p.m. on Nov. 16, a work zone taper will be established to close the center portion of the road allowing traffic to carefully flow on each side of the work zone. During the repair, existing damaged concrete panels will be removed and replaced . COMPLETED
  • E. Eldorado Pkwy: at Little Elm Pkwy @ Water Tower (see notice and work zone map).Contractors will setup work zones Wed. 10/3 meaning the Eastbound south lane of E. Eldorado Parkway will be closed between Witt/Woodlake and LE Parkway.  This work zone will remain in place for approximately 5 days. *weather permitting* COMPLETED
  • Canyon Lake Drive: North of Woodlake between Calmwater Dr. and Largo Ln. (see notice and work zone map) - COMPLETED
  • W. Eldorado Pkwy:  between Sunrise Bay Pointe and Fisherman's Cove (see notice and work zone map.)  COMPLETED
  • Walker Lane:  (see notice and work zone map).  
  • Hart Road: (see notice and work zone map).COMPLETED

Asphalt Repair & Overlay 

Project has been completed.  Crews will continue to back fill some areas of the ditch line with dirt and sod.

  • Sunrise Bay POA:  Pinnacle Bay Point, Pinnacle Circle, Sunrise Bay Pointe, Sunrise Court, Misty Cove, Fishermans Cove & Shoreline Drive (see attached work zone map)  **Due to heavy rains this month contractors have been delayed by almost 2 weeks**
  • Phase 1 includes Pinnacle Bay Point and Pinnacle Bay Circle Only.  Tack Coat & Asphalt Overlay to begin early next week. (9/4) 
  • Phase 2 consists of Shoreline Dr, Sunrise Bay Point, Sunrise Ct and Fisherman's Cove. Contractors are finishing up the milling of driveways as well as making base repairs, applying crack seal and leveling up area in Phase 2.  *Weather permitting the overlay process will begin the end of next week.*

Chip Seal (asphalt & aggregate Grade 4)  

Crews continue to mix, blade and roll Cottonwood in preparation of Primer & Chip Seal application.  They need to get 3 clear days prior to beginning the Chip Seal process.  **Weather Permitting** Residents are asked to slow down and use Cedar for any thru traffic.  PLEASE DRIVE CAREFULLY.

  • Cedar Lane (Hilltown):  Cottonwood to Elm Dr (see attached work zone map)
  • Cottonwood Trail (Hilltown):  Oak Grove/FM 720 to Elm Dr  (see attached work zone map)  Residents living on Cottonwood will be able to access their homes; however Cottonwood Trail continues to be CLOSED TO ALL THRU TRAFFIC as the remaining Chip Seal is still incomplete.  Contractors needs a string of dry weather and temps higher than 50 degrees to move forward (approximately 5 to 7 days.) Project completion is to be determined.  COMPLETED

Crack Seal (cracks & joint re-seal) 

May begin as early as 9/24 *weather permitting

Curb & Sidewalk Replacement  (This portion of the ASM is dedicated to correction of Trip Hazards.)

Crews plan to begin work Monday, 9/24*weather permitting* in Glen Cove HOA, and follow in the order of neighborhoods below.

  • Glen Cove HOA:  This week contractors are saw cutting sidewalk panels, removing debris and building concrete forms for the pouring of new concrete next week.  *Weather permitting - Rain can delay projects.*  Completed
  • Marina Vista HOA:  This week contractors are saw cutting sidewalk panels, removing debris and building concrete forms for the pouring of new concrete next week.  *Weather permitting - Rain can delay projects.*
  • Eldorado Estates West HOA:  Work is expected to begin as early as 11/26th *Weather permitting
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