The Town of Little Elm has established a comprehensive sign ordinance to regulate signs within the corporate limits and extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ). To apply for a sign permit, please call Permitting at 214-975-0456. 

For official sign standards, please refer to Chapter 86 of the Town of Little Elm Code of Ordinances. Any questions regarding the interpretation of the sign code may be directed to the Planning Department at 214-975-0472.


Service Organization Signage

A Service Organization or Association is a type of organization whose official goal is to improve neighborhoods and the Town of Little Elm through volunteer work by its members and should be secular and non-political in nature. This organization/association must be an affiliate of a national and state parent organization.  

The Service Organizational Sign Policy defines the method for all service organizations to request display of their signage on the Town’s Service Organization Sign Assembly at the entry of Little Elm. Please review the policy carefully for details regarding sign assemblies, fees, and requirements for graphics to be used.

The Town will provide two Service Organization Sign Assemblies, and the Town will maintain sign assembly, and sign during posting life. When replacement of the initial signage is deemed necessary each organization will be contacted to inquire whether or not they wish to fund new signage and continue in the program.

A service organization must provide the following information with the application to the Town Manager or agent.

- Official organization name
- Parent or affiliate organization
- Chief elected official
- Official address
- Organization's relationship to the Town of Little Elm
- How the organization helps to better the Town and its residents
- Provide a deposit to cover the costs for signage
- Provide an image file of the logo or sign graphics

The Service Organization Sign application can be submitted by email after completion at If you have any additional questions please contact us at 972-377-5556.