Standard Details

Town of Little Elm Standard Details

Standards details are intended to serve as a guide for the construction of various items within the Town limits. The Town of Little Elm standard details can be downloaded as single PDF through the link below.  The standard details are also available in AutoCad format for those firms who want to embed an image in their plan set.

To review our Standards Details, please click here. 
Standard Details.pdf

To review our  Engineering Design Standards, please click here. Engineering Design Standards.pdf

Index Cover.dwg

General Construction Notes.dwg
Paving Details.dwg
Barrier Ramp Details.dwg
Median and Sidewalk Details.dwg
Pavement Marking Details.dwg
Storm Sewer Details.dwg
Water System Details.dwg
Sanitary Sewer Details.dwg
Parks Details.dwg
Miscellaneous Details.dwg
engineering standards