Little Elm Outdoor Warning System

Outdoor Warning Siren


Outdoor Warning Siren Facts

  1. Purpose of an Outdoor Warning System
    • To warn citizens of All Hazard Threats that occur outside. If you hear the outdoor warning system activate, immediately move inside a sturdy structure and tune to your NOAA weather radio or local media.
  2. Siren Locations
    • W Eldorado Pkwy and French Settlement Rd
    • Main St and E Eldorado Pkwy, Next to the water tower
    • 500 Witt Rd., Next to Brent Intermediate School.
    • Walker Ln. and Sunbonnet Dr. 
    • FM423, Next to McCord Park.
    • Doe Creek Rd and Rockhill Pkwy. Across from Miller Elementary School.
    • At the end of the cul-de-sac on Brendan Dr in Frisco Ranch development.
    • Rockhill Pkwy in the Valencia development.
    • Lobo Ln at Retractable Technologies 
    • E Eldorado Pkwy next to Irrigators
    • Fire Station #3. 1800 Navo Rd.
  3. Testing the Outdoor Warning System
    • The Outdoor Warning System in Little Elm is tested on the first Wednesday of every month at 1 p.m. The test consists of stationing a fire department apparatus at each siren location to verify that the audible and mechanical functions are in working order. A steady tone is used for siren testing. If inclement weather is possible the test may be postponed until the next month or a growl test may be performed instead. A growl test has a very low audible sound that citizens will most likely not hear.