Little Elm Outdoor Warning System


Outdoor Warning Siren Facts

Purpose of an Outdoor Warning System
 The purpose of the Outdoor Warning System is to warn citizens of all hazard threats that occur outside. If you hear the outdoor warning system activate, immediately move inside a sturdy structure and tune to your NOAA weather radio or local media.

Siren Locations 
-W. Eldorado Parkway and French Settlement Road

-500 Witt Road, Next to Brent Elementary School

-Walker Lane and Sunbonnet Drive 

-Little Elm Parkway Water Tower 

-Doe Creek Road and Rockhill Parkway, across from Miller Elementary School

-At the end of the cul-de-sac on Brendan Drive in Frisco Ranch subdivision

-Rockhill Parkway in the Valencia development

-Lobo Lane at Retractable Technologies 

-E. Eldorado Parkway next to Legacy Plumbing

-Fire Station #3 at 1800 Navo Road

Testing the Outdoor Warning System
The Outdoor Warning System in Little Elm is tested on the first Wednesday of every month at 1 p.m. The test consists of stationing a fire department apparatus at each siren location to verify that the audible and mechanical functions are in working order. A steady tone is used for siren testing. If inclement weather is possible the test may be postponed until the next month or a growl test may be performed instead. A growl test has a very low audible sound that citizens will most likely not hear.