Residential Permits

Thank you for choosing the Town of Little Elm. We look forward to serving your needs and are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the residential permitting process. Please find below the most requested documents and information for your project.

If you live in a homeowner’s association (HOA), you may be required to submit an Architectural Review Committee (ARC) form for HOA approval. If needed, you must provide proof of ARC approval before the Town approves your permit and work can begin. 


Residential Permit Application
Contractor Registration Form

Accessory Structures
Residential Electrical Permit Application
Residential Mechanical Permit Application
Residential Plumbing Permit Application
Energy Code Compliance
Residential Irrigation Permit Application
Irrigation Regulations
Manufactured Home Park
Manufactured Home Subdivision
Patio Covers, Arbors, & Pergolas
Pool Regulations
Septic Application and Regulations
Storm Shelter Requirements
Water Heater Replacement


New Single Family / Duplex Application
Contractor Registration Form
Customer Service Inspection Certificate
Residential Building Packet
Curlex Matting Conditions
Erosion & Debris Containment
Irrigation Application
Irrigation Regulations
Door Alarm