Code Enforcement

The Community Integrity division performs routine consumer health inspections, enforces development codes, coordinates the rental registration program and annual registrations, manages the operations of animal services and the animal shelter, and administers the inspection, improvement, and rehabilitation of environmental hazards on public and private premises. Community Integrity protects property values and the public safety, ensures neighborhood integrity, and enhances Little Elm’s image and reputation by abating grime, enforcing property standards, and preventing community decline.


  • Community Integrity endeavors to protect public health and safety.
  • Community Integrity is dedicated to providing a safe, clean and healthy environment for Little Elm residents and businesses.
  • Community Integrity strives to maintain property values and halt urban decline.

Health Inspections

Community Integrity protects the public health by monitoring food safety in restaurants, daycares, grocery stores, public and private schools and other wholesale, retail and institutional food establishments, as well as monitoring the safety of public and semi-public swimming pools. We also mange licensing of restaurants, mobile food vendors, and ice cream trucks. The program provides the most recent information regarding restaurant inspections and scores for the public to review.

Neighborhood Integrity

Community Integrity is committed to ensuring the integrity and appearance of neighborhoods and commercial properties in the Town of Little Elm while providing the highest level of customer service. Through these efforts a sense of community and cooperation can be fostered. This vision is of key importance because the protection of property values and the environment enhances Little Elm's reputation and image.

Annual Registrations

Community Integrity manages the Town’s annual registration programs including alcohol sales, in-home day cares, septic service contracts, and food establishments.

For more information regarding Annual Registrations, forms and permits please click here.

Rental Property Registration

The Community Integrity Rental Property Registration program provides leadership in maintenance, revitalization and improvement of Little Elm apartments and rental units through the enforcement of the Little Elm Code of Ordinances, the International Property Maintenance Code and other local ordinances as the Town may see fit to adopt. This ensures that tenants and landlords are involved in maintaining a sustainable community and that safe housing is available in all neighborhoods.

To register or renew your registration, please click here.

Animal Services

In July, 2015, the operations of the animal shelter was restructured to be under Community Integrity, which provides a customer driven approach to animal services, maintains a clean and inviting animal shelter, believes in professional and ethical performance of its duties, and providing a safe and healthy environment for all animals in our care.


Community Integrity is dedicated to:
  • Being accessible and responsive to citizen complaints and inquiries regarding health, development, sign, and other code issues.
  • Providing professional, courteous, and informative customer service to Little Elm residents, businesses, and visitors.
  • Protecting property values; ensuring a safe, clean and healthy environment for Little Elm residents and businesses; enhancing Little Elm's reputation and image by maintaining and increasing the sustainability of the community, enforcing property standards, and preventing community decline.