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Find out why we've got "lake attitude" and much more!
About Us


Learn the history of Little Elm's settlement and continued growth.

Vision Statement

The Town of Little Elm is a distinct and desirable lakeside destination for all people to live and play while enjoying a safe, vibrant, and welcoming community.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Town of Little Elm is to build on our unique lake opportunities and small town charm, encourage diverse housing options and business opportunities, and provide an unmatched quality of life.
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Strategic Plan 2013-2014

Read about the Town's plans for the future.
Strategic Plan
  1. Automatic watering enters seasonal schedule

    For many, the annual holiday season officially begins on Halloween night and ends on New Year’s Day, a reminder brought on by cooler temperatures and falling leaves. That chilly reminder should also apply to watering our lawns with automatic sprinklers. Read on...
  2. Winter averaging starts next month

    Conserving water, one of our most precious resources, is always a good idea and a habit that should become second nature, a fact that’s especially true over the 90-day period known as winter averaging. The calculation period starts on Nov. 15. Read on...
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